Saturday, June 04, 2005

last day

so today was my last day at the mayor's office. i am finally free, from my crazy boss and hectic stress and downtown LA traffic and last minute press conferences and missed meals.

i stole a -ton- of office supplies.

monday, i'll start my summer internship with toyota. (no rest for the weary.) (or wary? weary, i think) i'm nervous about starting somewhere new, even though they seem very exicted to be getting an intern with professional work experience. actually, that's probably part of my problem - i'm so concerned that i'll get there and they'll realize i'm a total hack, and all my "experience" entailed at the mayor's office was avoiding my boss and procrastinating. it's not entirely true, but i certainly feel there's a danger of my real inability to be exposed.

the other concern is that people there will not like me. which is a stupid concern. because i know that no matter where i go, there will always be people who do like me, as well as people who don't, and as long as i'm not deceived about which is which i shouldn't have a problem. but i do let it mess with my head; all i can think about whenever the dislikers are present is how to be impressive somehow to make up for it. and then i end up sounding like a babbling moron or standing reeeeally awkwardly in silence.

i have found that boyfriend's sisters, in particular, do not like me.

at least i am consistent!


dvf said...

too-shay, very nice. sorry but i already started my internship and i've been having trouble with my laptop and some particular service center stealing my ram. when/where is your internship at? i will call you today.

dvf said...

ok sorry i lied, i'll call you this week =). for reals.

jaggd said...

For some reason, I am getting the feeling your birthday happenned not too long ago as well. If my intuition is on target, then a Happy Belated Birthday to you too! If not, I'm a moron. Hope the first day with Toyota was moving you forward. Or something.

alix said...


jadis said...

j'd--you have excellent intuition. or, you read my blogger profile. either way, thank you for my bday wishes! at 22, i'm still a baby :)

i think you'll like flickr; i've been addicted to it ever since i signed up--those damn groups! i love them!

ALIX! you sexy thang!!! how are you?!

dvf said...

cynDEE check your yahoo acc't and mail me from your gmail.

dvf said...

shxt well since that one doesn't work and i can't remember your gmail account you have to mail me at
_ _ _ . _ _ _ _ _ _ @ gmail . com

=D ciaobabe