Thursday, October 27, 2005


i adore my books. currently they are all affectionately crammed three-deep into my mid-height lame ass billy bookshelf, but as soon as i have enough money to not have to begin sentences with, "as soon as i have enough money," i am going to purchase at least two more, maybe a tall one with opaque glass doors and certainly a nice big wooden one (real wooden, not ikea particleboard wooden, though that's working fine for me for now).

alas, at this time i shall be content to merely pine. i think a lot of it is erin's influence - her (unhealthy) obsession with furniture design has rubbed off on me to an extent, and i'm enjoying thinking about not only the different ways form and function can work together (or not), but how they can also be real design strengths.

(okay, can you tell i'm sick of law reading and just ready to go back to analyzing useless crap again? give me chekhov! bf skinner, godard! f, i'll even do an essay on f-ing bookshelves and herman miller, just NO MORE CIV PRO).

anyway, bookshelves.

this is neat, huh?? tilt, tilt... i can imagine putting all my plays into these, or, um, my cliff's notes.

i also love this:

that's f-ing badass, man! i probably wouldn't want it for my house, but those lines are so nice and crisp, and i love how it just pops. (not to mention that titanic lamp kind of tricks out your eyes...)

now, see, this on the other hand is a bad idea. there is no respect! no organization! i am not a fan.

and this is just impractical and ugly.

you sick of these yet? i want to end on the best one. ladies and gentlemen, i give you:

what, not impressed, you say?? well, i'll admit, empty, this design makes little sense. looks a bit like tigger's stripes or something, but they are a little irrelevant.

until you put books on there.

i am not kidding:

holy shit, man!!!!!! was i not kidding?!?! look at what this design does - it creates open space, not just on the sides of the books but above them, too. (granted, there aren't that many in here, but the way the shelves go it *does* create that negative space.) it accomodates varying heights and thicknesses of volumes, and it's all tilt-y, which breaks up the lines at soft angles. i fucking love it, man, i am not kidding. plus, it's crazy enough to catch the eye, but it's not absolutely atrocious to have in a home. neat, right?!?!

*[blogger's note: the site changed the photos, so there's no longer a full-length shot with books on the shelves. =( sorry, kids! i'll keep checking back, and upload the handsomer ones if they ever get put back online. meanwhile, apologies for the comments not really fitting the photos...]


gina said...

ah, i love the first two designs (well, the look of the second design, not sure how it'd be with books on them), but i'm not much for the latter three. at least the second design has some level shelves, and i like that there's just the right bit of order & chaos balanced in it. the last three seem too unbalanced for me.

jooh! would probably be interested in these designs too. =)

jadis said...

hehe, we agree on the first four...i can't get over that last one, though, i adore it. it's so cool! i will send jo a link =) ps. glad you are blogging again!!

Shane said...

All my books are in electronic format :)
So my bookshelf consists of cd holders ha ha ha.

I kid, that last design is cool actually...I hate how some bookshelves cannot handle books that are oddly sized.

Erin said...

I have created a monster I see... you have to come furniture shopping with me one day, even if we don't have money

jadis said...

you have, i notice modernism in funiture everywhere now. i even mentioned herman miller, it was like a nod just to you =)