Monday, November 07, 2005

photo blog 1 - halloween, pt. 1

erin and i, dressed to go out to west hollywood on halloween night. i've never been to mardi gras, but i have heard it is essentially the same kind of riotous party in the streets.

saw this, thought of marcos, HAD to get the photo!

always a bridesmaid, never a ... transvestite bride?

OMFG i f-ing freaked out when i saw them. literally, screamed across the street to ask if i could get a photo. LOOK at her gail costume, it is PERFECT, i am having my own little frank miller-induced personal thrill right now...

i love this photo - these guys were dancing together, and with the colors it looked simply incredible.

now that's one big fairy.

we actually got drinks at fiesta cantina.

our waiter offered to shoot us with an arrow so we could get some lovin'.

LOL so pleased in this moment.

more photos here.


gina said...

yay, pictures...

and in reply to your unrelated question over there-->

he's in penn, not seattle. =)

jadis said...

bummer! i'm headed to seattle at the end of the year, had a faint glimmer of hope that i'd get to see him or something. =) i'll have to wait til he comes back.

how is your job search, btw???

Anonymous said...

Wow, some awesome costumes there. I particularly liked the Sin City couple, especially as I just saw it on DVD last night! :-)

The guys dressing up as girls though? That's just wrong!