Tuesday, May 24, 2005

recommendations 1 - a sleuth, a spread, and a scent

drumroll, please! stolen pretty much directly from mcsweeney's, i am introducing my list of recommendations! the first list is: a sleuth, a spread, and a scent!

"veronica mars"
smart, funny, perceptive - describes both the heroine & upn's new teen detective drama. kristen bell is perfect as veronica; at first i kept being distracted by how similar she was to allison mack's chloe on "smallville," but i honestly got over that really quick cause the story in the pilot is so good! as for lilly, generally, playing the dead girl isn't a great showcase for your acting ability, but amanda seyfried brings so much life to the flashback scenes it's hard to imagine the role going to anyone else. plus, the boys (wallace, logan, duncan, weevil) really grew on me; i wasn't a fan of any of them at first, but the season takes you through so much character growth. and like "the oc," the adult characters are every bit as well developed and interesting. be careful if you're a newbie: start with the pilot, and know that no, of course it's not entirely realistic, but few tv shows are--where "vm" succeeds is, like "buffy," the point is that you can relate to how the characters interact with each other and grow. hooray for season 2's renewal!

chocolate peanut butter
no, i don't mean nutella. i mean Jiffy: Smooth Sensations - Chocolate Peanut Butter. it's not that weird jar with stripes of peanut butter & stripes of something else--it's perfect, blended, delicious peanut butter that you can put in sandwhiches, on apples, crackers, celery...oranges (aaah good times w/olga)...or just eat by the spoonful (parents generally do not approve of this method). it's good. orgasm good. try.

i understand this is pretty broad, but i've decided that it's my blog, and i'll do what i want, thankyouverymuch. vanilla scented oil not only makes me enjoy being me, but also probably had a lot to do with boyfriend retention at one point in my life. similarly, vanilla candles are a big recommendation. i freely admit that i overdo it on the vanilla extract when a recipe calls for it. and vanilla ice cream kicks chocolate's ass. (for some reason, i'm not that big on vanilla bean or french vanilla ice creams. they're just fine, but inferior somehow. opinions on this are welcome.)

ice creams? ices cream? :) hey, opnions on everything mentioned are welcome!

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