Saturday, December 31, 2005

she's alive!!!

i present to you, a post in bits.

* on vacation in seattle
* apologetic about lack of posts. i blame finals.
* just read a graphic novel version of kafka's "the metamorphosis" (grazi, erin). reminded me of the gregors in my apartment, but unfortunately i am neither as kind nor as beautiful a young woman as grete; thus i am unsympathetic to their plight. i swear if i find another one i am going to bitch to my f-ing weird-ass landlord.
* currently navigating my way through james frey's "a million little pieces." haunting, riveting.

to come...
* photo blog about my metro commute.
* a rare personal post about my complete breakdown during finals period. you know i don't do personal stuff often. i'm still trying to decide if i want to post it.
* a great, in-depth post about why i love comic books. people have heard various bits of this on and off, but i wanted to compile it all...i am so nerdy. you love it. don't hide it.
* flickr updates on the Haircut and donation.

happy new beard, people.


Anonymous said...

post it post it! it's only fair! breakdowns are fun =)

Shane said...

well breakdowns aren't fun, but its like who hasn't had a break down around finals ...

Anonymous said...

Happy new year Cyndi! :-)