Saturday, January 28, 2006

photo blog 2 - eddie money says, take me home tonight

everyday, i take the metro home from downtown LA.

union station is the primary hub in downtown; i love it, it's very quintessential LA - you know, palm trees out front, always a movie being shot (actually, the tv shows numbers and alias both like to shoot here, too). i like how the architecture is very old style hollywood, right down to the font (i love the font!), and the interior is big but not bustling in an intimidating way, like grand central or anything.

LOL this dude was crazy. look at his outfit!!

stairs that lead down to the red line.

the red line approaches.

i like this shot. i wanted to see what my ears would look like with the ipod earbuds, and when i looked at the photo, i was surprised - i forgot about the flower in my hair.

i wondered what this guy's story was. who were those flowers for? =) lucky person.

The train passes over the LA reservoir.


Anonymous said...

brings back memories. the men's bathroom near the transit plaza is the dirtiest bathroom on the face of the earth. i don't know if you ever take any of the southbound metrolink lines but there is some really cool graffiti on the middle piers of those bridges.

Shane said...

Thanks for some views of lovely LA, retro LA no less :) always a pleasure :) more more more...get some while ur in hollywood? if u goto that bar near whitely, take some shots of that would make me smile :D

p.s. does the metro go from hollywood to downtown?