Monday, July 03, 2006

photo blog 3 - anime expo 2006

anime expo, at the anaheim convention center, 2006.


gundam wing cosplayers


tiff and i waited in line behind shuya, from battle royale. =D he has my favorite weapon on the island - a pot lid. lol.


i have no idea who these cosplayers are supposed to be, but their costumes were amazing...


amazing black kimono. she had a lovely pose, as well.


look at those red tulips pop! this is from an anime called ouran high school host club.


sanosuke from kenshin. lol, elaine would have a fit, ne?


tiff's friend mike as sora, from kingdom hearts - he was the best sora there, by far. ^_^ i love the motion behind him in this photo, like one of those moments in film when the focus of the camera is still, but everything is still humming around him. (prime example.)


the paper umbrellas and the great poses really make this shot...


sweet lolita. her wig was the most gorgeous white-blonde :) i wish i could have captured it better...


it's-ah me, ah-mario


i don't know what anime she's from, but she is striking. (ps. she is a he! *sigh* some people are so talented.)


gorgeous costume - look at the colors


the green hair. the cigarette. the drinking problem. yellow collar, blue suit, hands in pockets - if i could have spike's arms around me every day i would never complain again.

even though i was already a schoolgirl for halloween, my cuz and i also joined the fun with a japanese version. =)


jaggd said...

I considered being Shuya from Battle Royale for Halloween, but I knew that nobody would recognize my costume despite the pot lid. Apparently, you have to go to conventions for that kind of stuff.

Luckily, I haven't yet reached that level of... um... i can't think of a non-derogatory word to us here. Let's just say I'm not THAT big of a fan.

Anonymous said...

I am being Mitsuko from Battle Royale, it makes me happy that even though no one outside of my group of friends will know what I am, somewhere in the world people would be happy to see it. ;P

sittie_yam said...

i don't like the guys who cosplayed ouran high school host club....

i was so angry when i saw the picture of them.....

ouran was a very good anime........

sorry to those who were hurt by my words....

i'm just telling what i feel

Ren MacKree said...

@Sittie yam
I agree with you.
Ouran is my Favorite anime of all time and they didn't do a very good job...

I am always Mitsuko for Halloween and almost everyone knows who I am... Could be the location
Anyways, beautiful pictures