Thursday, October 26, 2006

tpfd? why, yes

so it occurs to me i've been very article-heavy lately in my blog.

jon always gives me a hard time that my longer posts slow down his compulsion to fully cyberstalk everyone he knows within a certain time frame -- he always has to save mine for later, like some heavy dessert waiting around for the right holiday or something.

but if he'd found the time to ping me lately, he'd be right. i've done a LOT of articles. sorry, all you bored figment of my imagination readers - or skimmers. so i decided to go with a smattering of my favorite toothpaste for dinner comics.

like cleansing your pallete before i hit you with a nyt article about how the NJ high court granted equivalent legal rights to gay couples. kidding! (but you can see it here. yay!)

"no underwater level"
love this one. took me a minute to get it.

great gamer joke.
ah. this one holds a special place in my heart.

"what's for lunch"
you know how you can point back to a specific moment in time when you fell in love?

i'm pointing at this comic.

no, i don't own them. go to the site. drew's a genius. drew, don't sue me. copyright drew, okay? look, linkys everywhere!