Wednesday, August 31, 2005

katrina & CL

i was trolling craigslist and, for the first time in a long time, checked out the rants and raves. the topic of choice right now for fucking insane people is hurricane katrina, and - heartbreakingly - the majority of posts involve arguments over comments like, "THERE IS NO KATRINA BUSH IS JUST TRYING TO DIVERT ATTENTION FROM HIS FAILURE IN IRAQ" and "KATRINA = GOD'S PUNISHMENT OF HOMOSEXUALS".

nothing. makes me madder than shit like this. nothing.

i fucking think bush is a narrow-minded idiot, but...honestly, to imagine all those people, husbands, wives, children, businesses, and *hisotry* in louisiana and mississippi, completely devastated, lives lost, families with nothing...and then to turn around and say that it's something the government made up? are you seriously writing that?? how can you assholes SAY something like that, it's so insensitive - even if it's a joke, it's heartless, there is real tragedy happening.

and, bringing back memories of crazy talk back in christmastime when the popular hate theory was that god was punishing the southeast asian nations (oh, and sweden.) for, i dont even know, for whatever, with the tsunami, we have the radical right saying this is a big God is punishing gays/decadence/deviance issue. fuck you. god did this to punish homosexuals? i don't fucking think so, and how dare you. there are people homeless, spouseless, penniless, hungry, scared, and hopeless out there, and you choose to make this a gay thing? FUCK. YOU.

*sigh* my heart goes out to all those in the gulf states. donate where you can, guys.

stop by flickr to see more of hurricane katrina photos.

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High Cost of Living said...

I hear ya... there are people who believe the holocaust never happened and that flouride is a mind controlling device.
It's ridiculous