Saturday, August 27, 2005

non-recommendations 1 - the brothers grimm

the brothers grimm

terry gilliam, WHY?! *weeps* matt damon & heath ledger - this movie is horrible:

it's too long.
it's not interesting.
characters are annoying.
the love plotline makes no sense.
the accents (the french accents) are cringe-inducing.
moves too slowly.
it's not funny, but thinks it is.

on the upside...the women are beautiful, lena headey as the reluctant ally to the boys, and monica bellucci as the mirror queen. and, um, some of the sets are quite nice, good job props guy. that's probably it, though. avoid this one.


jaggd said...

Thanks for posting this... I was actually considering going to see it. I was skeptical after seeing the preview, but I figured Terry was such a good director, so he could pull it off. Apparently not? I'll squander my $10 elsewhere.

jadis said...

jg - no love for gilliam can explain this moive! if you're a netflix or blockbuster person, i'd definitely wait. my caveat is that i was flipping through some imdb reviews, and some people really loved it (?!). my caveat to that is that some people are idiots.